Training Week: Aug. 26-Sept. 1

This was the first week I actually mostly almost completely followed the schedule I wrote out at the beginning of the week. Mostly. I don’t have a coach right now, primarily because Coach Mario is way busy, having a book published and flying all over the country giving talks and stuff, which is super awesome for him, but lame for me. I haven’t really decided if I want to go through the trouble of getting to know a new coach yet. But, mostly, I’m also having to wing my training some — will my foot hurt, will work have to get done, will I need to go to high school cross-country practice — and it’s easier to keep track of your own constantly changing obligations than trying to get someone else to keep track of them.

But, all that means that I also have been doing my classic bullshit: over-scheduling my training, getting exhausted, bailing on a bunch of stuff, feeling terrible about myself, deciding I’ll feel less terrible if I train a whole bunch, over-train. It’s a cycle. That’s why actually following my schedule this week (more or less) was a big deal.


Driving, flying, driving, flying.


Ran 5 miles easy with the high school kids.

Swam 800y easy. It was, you know, easing back into things.


Ran 4 miles easy with the high school kids. 10-15′ of core which included trying to do a plank for as long as possible. I lasted 3:30 or so. One of the kids did like 6′.

Biked the 14 miles back from where I was working to the high school, then home. Easy-ish.


Masters in the morning: 2,800y, which included a whole bunch of 25s stroke, IMs, and then repeats of 50-100-50 with decreasing breathing during the 100y. I never quite understand why not breathing is a thing in swimming.

Ran a bit over 6 miles with the high school kids with 9 x hill repeats at varying levels of effort and speed.


TRX in the morning

3:10 ride in the afternoon. I did my most favorite Marin ride. It’s actually not the best ride or anything; there’s other cool, long rides. But, it’s the three-hour ride that always makes me feel good about three-hour rides. The last bit sucked, though, with all the cars, all the angry angry cars.


Hot, shitty 7 miles on the side of the hot, shitty road at Steve’s bike race. That included two miles at 6:54, 6:59. And then pouring ice on myself and eating an off-brand It’s-It; I think it was called a This Is It.


Swam 3,000y on my own. Made up a workout again of about 1,000y warm-up and drills. Then, 3 x [200 at tempo pace (on the 3:00 for me), 100 easy IM, 50 hard]. 300 pull. 5 x 100 at like steady threshold with little rest. Usually I do those at 1:23-1:25 on the 1:30, but sometimes when I’m in shape I can do them at 1:20 on the 1:25, but then the math gets really confusing and complicated, so it’s just easier to be slower. Cool down.

Rode 25 miles on the TT bike with Steve. I think. I didn’t have a computer on my bike or a watch, so when I did a few 1′ and 2′ hard efforts I just went off Steve telling me when to stop. He said he held about 240W on my wheel during the efforts, so that’s a plus. I think things are moving in the right-ish direction.

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