Training Week: Aug. 19-25



Biked the 20 miles to and from the ferry/office. Some was oh my god I’m going to miss the ferry fast and some was I am so tired slow.

Ran five miles easy (but not easy enough) with the high school cross-country team.


Making the Benjamins. No training happened.


Still with the work; it’s like they want you to do it every day. Cut workouts. 2,000y easy swim.


13 hours of traveling. Without ending up on a different continent. That’s some shit.


Ran a little over 7 miles, starting out very slow and building. Last 1.5 was around 6:40 (maybe, I mean I’m just guessing). A guy on a motorcycle pulled up next to me and told me, ‘Well, never seen that before.’ I think he meant me?


About 1:20 of soccer. Which I’m counting as speed work. My quads were actually really messed up the next day from sprinting and stopping and changing directions. It’s almost like it’s an entirely different skill.


10ish easy miles (again, just guessing) on the trails at the National Experimental Forest in Asheville. I think that means they’re experimenting with it being a national forest, not that you can experiment within the forest. I’d have done more, but I got quite terrified about being attacked by a bear and was trying to remember what to do in the event of a bear, but decided instead that I had run far enough and also I needed to go back and find the port-a-potty.

It was weak, but not as weak as I was worried it was going to be. So, may have been good to have some rest, since I’m not quite as immovably tired as I was last weekend.

2 thoughts on “Training Week: Aug. 19-25

  1. Soccer is no joke. You are 28. Imagine if you are 40 +. I quit right before or right after 40. The sprinting and cuts and stuff are death. I gave up flag football too. 0-100% speed in less than a second is brutal.

    I feel you. Oh, and again you are only 28. 🙂

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