Weddings and Working Out: When to Just Give Up?

I suppose before you tried to guess where I am this weekend, I should have given some clues, like:



Less pretty.

Though, really, yesterday was 13 hours of traveling, so it looked a lot more like this:


We’re on a farm outside a town outside of Asheville. Or, at least that’s how it was explained to me. And, then we got here and there are banks and shopping centers and a 24-hours grocery store and I was like, “Have y’all never been to the country?”

But, it is still country-ish (especially after you drive all the way to the farm). And, it is Steve’s sister’s wedding. Which means regular training plans have been *some Southern euphemism for thrown* out the door.

The problem is that with traveling weekends, particularly traveling weekends that involved weddings + drinking + some self-generating number of wedding activities, it’s easy to not do anything, or to fit in ONE short easy run and feel really good about yourself when everyone at the wedding is like, ‘hah, hah, I guessed you earned that cake.’ But, really, you know the truth: no, no, you didn’t — even though you don’t even believe in the concept of earning food, because it is, afterall, food and no one earns it or doesn’t; it simply is.

This week was one of those weeks for me.

Tuesday, work came up. A certain (insane) number of things had to be finished before I left Thursday morning and one of them popped up Tuesday afternoon when I was going to swim + core. So, I didn’t swim + core. Sometimes, that’s just how that works. Then, Wednesday, I only fit in a 40′ swim before staying up until midnight to finish work. Then, Thursday, we drove + flew + laid over + flew + drove all day. Now, it would be really easy (and I sort of want) to just give up and learn to love the laziness. Is it even worth trying to salvage the week?

Not doing stuff when you have these busy weeks + travel + weddings (which, pretty much always come together) is good sometimes. To a degree I can’t make up what I missed and trying to cram tons of training in would be 1. stupid and 2. piss off a lot of family. Not doing stuff would also be completely fine if you have no concrete goals or are just lifestyle-running. But, if you actually want to be ready for races and you happen to be 28 and have weddings or wedding-related activities every weekend until the end of October, then taking off every one of those is a bad idea.

So, today, I ran along the river outside Marshall, North Carolina. And, it sort of sucked, because running in a straight line for 30′ and then turning around — especially when you don’t know the area and don’t have any kind of landmarks — is pretty much the equivalent of running, like, three hours. In a sauna, because of the humidity. I don’t love the feel of my hair sweating. But, it also didn’t suck, because the river was nice and I did it and now it is done. Who doesn’t feel better after something is done than after it is not?

(I really do want to hit up some cool trails around here on Sunday, so if anyone has good suggestions…)

And, here is a picture from Tri for Fun #3 for no other reason except that I was excited with how fit/skinny I looked, particularly given that is not a flattering outfit. And, well, we all know: looking like you know what you’re doing is half of knowing what you’re doing.

SO FAST(looking).
SO FAST(looking).

7 thoughts on “Weddings and Working Out: When to Just Give Up?

  1. This is what you should do: drive to Asheville and go to The Wicked Week Brewery.
    Seriously, I will be of no help unless you want to drive east for another 4hrs and then I’ll take you for an awesome trail run near my house. I had to google map Marshall, NC and then zoom out 3 times before I could even figure out where it was.

    There are probably some very cool places to run in Asheville – Pisgah National Forest comes to mind, but the last time I ran there was circa 1996.

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