Training: Aug. 12-18

My foot hurts. It’s supposed to be getting better, per doctor’s diagnosis, etc. It’s not. This is worrying.


Off. I had vague intentions of getting lots of work done and getting ahead on all of the deadlines and projects I had coming up. Instead, I didn’t. I think I internet-stalked acquaintances (except not stalk, because that’s actually a real problem, so some other word).


Masters – Whoa. People at practice were surprised/obviously-super-impressed I was there. I hung on for a 3,300y set that included 8 x [25 hard, 50 tempo, 100 same pace as 50]. We did it at 1:20 pace. This was, perhaps, over-ambitious.

Biked from ferry to office, home from ferry. Around 45′ of biking. Then, laid on the floor of the living room too tired to eat.


Very exhausted from my HUGE swim effort the day before. Ran 5.5 miles so, so slowly. Did some drills after, while listening to this high school boy explain on the phone to some other (presumably) high school boy about how “she just needed to be respecting me more.”

Took a Body Align class, kind of like yoga, but not.

Then swam 1000y easy when I got home. Then, laid on the floor of the living room too tired to eat. Except, actually, I got really sick after I did eat. So, well. Lesson learned. No eating.


Tried to run, even though had been throwing up the night before. It did not go well. 6.5 nasty, terrible, awful, no good, very bad miles.


Biked 1:45 on my time trial bike (I think, I didn’t have a computer on that bike, so it’s like it didn’t even count). Half with Steve, rest slower and by myself.

Mild core work, looked very similar to lying on the floor of the living room too tired to eat.

Swam 1000y easy.


TRI FOR FUN! Good race, good race practice. About 4.5 miles total running, 10 miles biking, and 1,800y or so swimming. About 4 hours of sleeping.


3,000y swim workout on my own — 1500y warm-up, 1000y for time as repeating 100-hard/100-easy, 500y cool-down with hella pulling. (Jen gave me that 1000y workout once, so I still do it every now and then)

I did NOT do my long bike ride. I did work instead. It was less fun.

Mildly discouraged, despite the race ‘victory.’ My foot — which never hurts WHILE I’m running — has been sore and aching all week. With being sick Wednesday night and cutting my Thursday workouts and being tired/swamped with work on Sunday and cutting my ride, I did way less than I intended. So far, this Ironman training thing is not off to such a great start.



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