Training Week: Aug. 5 – 11

After the last two weeks of actually doing stuff, topped off by the Marin Century last weekend, I deliberately intended to take this past week lightly and have a few easy/recovery days, so as not to overdo it in the first month I jump back into training. I did not, however, intend for it to be that light. That just happened because, I dunno, because I suck.


REST! Except, my recollection of this day is that I actually worked two jobs in two different offices and barely made a hard deadline at like 10 p.m. and it was not restful.


43′ run in the Sleepy Hollow-Terra Linda Open Space. Easy and, dare I say it, pleasant.


1,000y easy swim, which is so short so as to almost not even count as a workout, but I also was up at 6:30 a.m. in search of Cronuts, so you know, shit happens.


Bike 25′ from office to Crossfit, Crossfit, bike 45′ home from Crossfit.

The Crossfit workout was 5 x [800m run — except, like, really, I don’t accidentally run 2:45 800s when I’m uptempo jogging, so I’m pretty sure calling it an 800m was overly optimistic, 30 kettlebell swings, 30 pull-ups].

Obviously, since I can do a grand total of four pull-ups normally, I did those with a resistance band for support in order to get through them. The only problem was that since no one in Crossfit knows how to run I was finishing each round way ahead of everybody else. Also, no one in Crossfit understands pacing — side point. On the third time through, then, the instructor told me to go up in weights to slow me down and I tried to explain that the weights weren’t the part I was doing quickly. In fact, the strength part of the workout was definitely going to max me out by round five (hopefully, not round three) and my arms were already starting to give out. Endurance and speed aren’t my limiters, muscle strength is. If I can’t do one more pull-up, it’s not because I was going too quickly, it’s because my arms have failed. He said the only way I was going to get more arm strength was by lifting heavier weights and I was like, if I can’t lift them then they won’t give me more arm strength sitting on the floor. So, I did one round, sort of, with the heavier weights and with a lower support band on the pull-ups (making the pull-ups harder), except I did a shitty job because it was too much and my form fell apart as I struggled to make it. By the end of the round I was taking a break every pull-up and then kind of flinging myself up until my chin cleared the bar. And, then, he said, “See, don’t say you can’t do it.” Which, probably, sort of summarizes why Crossfit can be stupid. Then, I did two more rounds at the lower weight again, only my arms were fucked by that point. And, now I haven’t been able to fully straighten my right arm since Thursday.


8 mi. run easy(ish), finished by adding the hills above my house.

Did not swim because of the seizing in my arm muscles.


1:50 bike with 4 x 5′ at 200W uphill (last one was 6:35 just so I could see how long it’d take to get all the way up the hill). This turned out to be quite exhausting later in the day.


Swam 3,000y with a set I made up of three 500s as [2 x 250y steady with 5-10″ rest, 50-100-200-100-50 faster on the back end with 10″ rest, 5 x 100 on tight interval, fastest sustainable] It was harder than I thought it was going to be, but that was also the longest I’ve swum in months and my pace is getting back down in the low 1:20s. So, good news.

Did not run. My toe was aching after wearing dress shoes at a wedding Saturday night.

I’m mildly concerned that my toe feels fine when I’m running, but then aches at random points later and has been sore the past two days. It turns out I should just never wear dress shoes or walk. Problem solved.

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