And, I’ll be doing Ironman…

teaser 002 smalljpg


…Coeur d’Alene!

This is a picture of the race and those are people swimming. So, yeah, that looks like fun.

My official — and by official I mean I declared it out loud while shaking my fist at the sky: “I WILL do Ironman Coeur d’Alene!!” — plan is to do IM CDA in late June and then possibly another IM at the end of the year (Cozumel? Kona? — maybe, cross our fingers). Leading up to this I also plan to do Escape from Alcatraz and maybe a half (Oceanside, perhaps) and Boston Marathon, ideally.

Oh, and before that, I’m doing Pacific Grove Tri in five weeks, Santa Cruz Tri and CIM — which is a marathon for those of you not in the acronym know.

So, you know, suppose I should actually sign up for some of these.

9 thoughts on “And, I’ll be doing Ironman…

  1. not to be Mr. Negative, but sign up for the ones that are close in proximity. You have been injured, and there is no guarantee of not being injured. Trust me. I trained for my last 5 Marathons only to DNS. Get your miles and your training, and see where it leads. You can make your decisions whenever.

    Hint: Train for the race, and sign up if everything is good. (injury wise) Oh except Ironman races sell out right away huh??

    Crap, hope you stay healthy. 🙂

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