10 thoughts on “I Have Picked an Ironman

  1. I’m guessing Coeur D’Alene… because I saw you ask on ST if it fills up (not that I’m stalking you or anything; now I feel like a creep). However, I am secretly hoping for Whistler because then we could meet! OK, I do sound like a stalker. I’m really not.

      1. I’m about to do my first sprint so I’m thinking I should do an Olympic distance another another sprint next year, and try for the half Ironman the year after. I need to look at the training plans and the time involved before committing. But I was toying around with local vs. race-cation…

      2. I actually really like sprints. They’re fun and like an hour is a good distance — you can go HARD for an hour.

        I actually tend to prefer local-ish races, just because of the logistics and flying your bike is expensive. But, something totally new and random is always fun too…

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