Training: July 29 – Aug. 4

Last week I did more training hours than I have in, I dunno, a year, two years, a while. It was just over 14 hours. So, yay me. Of course, almost half of that was in the Marin Century and I went pretty light the other days, knowing I was playing Russian roulette with whether or not I’d finish the century.


Swam 2500y in the morning, which included a broken 1000y [300-250-200-150-100 with 10″ rest between each] as the main set. AND, I did a 2:50 200y and low 1:20-something 100y, so maybe I’m starting to remember how to swim. Not quite completely, but glimmers, faint recollections.

Biked home from the ferry the slightly longer way to get in a full hour of riding in.


Ran a bit over 7 miles easy on the trails above my house. The trails above my house are hilly. That’s why they’re above and not next to my house. Took over an hour.


Rode to the ferry and to and from the ferry to the office, but did not ride all the way home from the ferry because, see, the ferry is right next to Marin Brew Co and so sometimes that just doesn’t happen the way it’s supposed to. Ended up being something less than an hour of riding, depending on what you count as “riding” in the city.


Epic day of ridiculous hotness and exhaustion. Ran the 5.1 miles to TRX class fast. Did TRX class + some extra TRXing. Ran the 5.1 miles home slow.

Swam 500y in the evening, which was more like floating than swimming.


Swam 1,900y. Planned on swimming more, but then I didn’t. Really it was a feat of mental strength to swim the 1,900y. My abs hurt so much from the TRXing the day before that pulling my legs over to flipturn was incredibly painful.

Planned on running, but then I didn’t.


Marin Century. Also rode my bike the 1.2 miles from my house to the start of the century, so that’s like super extra. At the end, after I ate and got ice cream and more ice cream and was riding home eating my ice cream, that 1.2 miles took like 8 minutes. So.


Swam 2,100y. Very, very slowly. Like, so slowly, I basically didn’t finish before they opened the pool up for kids to play and had to then navigate around small children.

Totally ready for IM training. Obviously.

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