Wish Me Luck: Marin Century

Right now, this very second, I’m biking the Marin Century. I hope.

For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to try to ride 106 miles after having not ridden more than 40 miles in eight or nine months — and that 45 miles was three months ago. I figure this is all I have to do. It doesn’t look that far:


Last year, I did the Century for the first time and I didn’t fully enjoy all of the rest stops (which is really why you do a Century, per my understanding) because after my shifter cable broke and I had to spend 30′ in Tomales having it fixed, I then had to haul ass to get home in time to shower and leave for a wedding 20′ later.

This year, my plan is to eat more calories than I burn. That is also my philosophy on how I’ll get through this with no biking endurance to speak of. If I just keep eating Oreos and brownies, then I’ll never crash from the sugar high, right? I see nothing that can go wrong with this logic.

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