Google Has To Be Wrong, Right?

This is what I looked like after I finally got home this morning:

Tired. Hot. Tired. Hot.

I went a little overboard, maybe. I don’t know. I decided I would run home from my TRX class, thus getting in my run and my strength training. Bam. But, how do you get to TRX class if you’re going to run home from it? I decided I would run there too, though I was hoping Steve might give me a ride part of the way on his way out. Only that didn’t work and then I left 10′ later then I meant to, so I had to haul to get there.

Now, I didn’t know how far it is, but something more than 5 miles with a big hill in the middle (and lots of little hills along the way naturally). So, I felt pretty good about myself when I ran it in 37:30 on my way there. Dead, but good about myself. Actually, mostly dead. I was pretty sure I had just run sub-7:00 pace the whole way and huffed and puffed.

Of course, even though online it said class started at 10:30, in the schedule once I got there it said it started at 10:40, and then it started five minutes late from there. So, instead of being four minutes late, I was 11 minutes early, which I mostly used to stand in the middle of the room and drip sweat in a circle and wheeze.

Class was fine. I didn’t kill myself, but it was still longer than they used to be and then I (FOR SOME REASON) decided to do an extra five minutes of intense abs on the TRX after. You know, to get my six-pack.

Then, I ran very, very slowly home. And, what took me 37:30, definitely took 44:15 on the way back.

And, now Google is telling me it was only 5.1 miles there. Sigh. Apparently, I’m not so fast. But, I am still so tired.

2 thoughts on “Google Has To Be Wrong, Right?

  1. I think that Google can be very wrong!!! We just did our first 5K for our charity, Team Orphans. We ran the course with GPS two weeks before and it said 3 miles. I emailed all 350 runners and told them that it would be the shortest 5K they ever did- only 3 miles- but the most fun because we had thousands of cookies at the finish line. One guy emailed me after the race to say that he was very upset that his watch told him only 2.89 miles!!!!

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