Is My Foot Better?

Yes. No. Maybe. I don’t know.

I first hurt my foot in March. It was weird. Over the course of one track workout, the base joint of my big toe on my left foot became so debilitating I walked home. I was told it was inflammed and to rest, but you know for all that someone telling me that had Dr. in front of their name it might as well have been a random person saying it. Who knows. Some rest didn’t make it better. More rest only made it sort of better. Ice, rest, water run, rest. AHHHHHHHHHH

Oddly, most pictures of people being "frustrated" are of people getting angry with their computers. So, there you go.
Oddly, most pictures of people being “frustrated” are of people getting angry with their computers. So, there you go.

I got a cortisone shot and was told by a different person with Dr. in front of their name that I had a bone spur. I was not told what that means. I tried to run Boston anyway. I couldn’t run, really, having not been running. My hamstrings and quads and knees and calves all gave out. Some more rest, ice, rest, trying to run and have even more crippling problems. 

In early May, a different doctor-type person gave me inserts and told me everything would be better, though I suppose he was really only talking about my foot and not general life issues. Sometimes my foot was better; sometimes it just hurt different. I ran the Dipsea anyway and thought I had put this all behind me.

But, no. No. The week after the Dipsea I started working full-time in the city – which I know everyone is sick of hearing about, but man, I am not a fan of three hours of commuting. Working in an office meant I went from wearing sweats and sitting on the couch most days to wearing dress shoes and walking from the train to the ferry to the bus to the office. My toe started to hurt again. But, different. Before it hurt on impact at the base of the joint. Now, it’s hurting on impact but also on push-off in the toe itself (not at the joint). And, there are distinct times I know it’s going to hurt — landing hard off a curb, running to BART in dress flats yesterday, stepping on a rock just so.

I took off from running completely. I changed shoes. I iced. I raged. Etc. In Hawaii, during one of our hikes/walks it would hurt shockingly painfully when I landed in certain spots, but then the pain went away. I started running again and it hurts, but then it goes away. It hasn’t gotten worse. It hasn’t gotten better.

So, on we go. 

Yeah, that is not flattering, am I right? Photo: Pam Wendall.
Yeah, that is not flattering, am I right? Photo: Pam Wendall.

I raced the mile this past weekend. The longest I’ve run in my two weeks since “starting training” again is 7 miles. Partially I know my foot isn’t going to stand up to more training or longer runs, especially those necessary to train for IMs, and I’m just waiting for everything to implode. But, it’s hanging in there now. And, with no real sense of what’s causing the problem, I guess that’s the best I can hope for?

Am I missing something obvious? Is just continuing the best option?


7 thoughts on “Is My Foot Better?

  1. It sounds like your foot needs some serious rest, a proper diagnosis and treatment. Surely carrying on will only make things worse?

    1. Well, yeah, obviously knowing what’s wrong would be better than not knowing. But it’s not like I didn’t go to highly-recommended doctors and do what they said. And I rested for a month. So, what am I supposed to do? Not walk or stand, which is what hurt most recently. And if I just kept going to more and more doctors saying oh this used to hurt but it doesn’t really anymore but sometimes its sore, they would just stare at me. It’s not like doctors have some secret answer to things.

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