Why Are My Running Shorts Rubbing My Thighs?

My problem of the week (besides a debilitating lack of sleep, a shitty immune system, a general feeling of falling apart) is that all, ALL, of my shorts are rubbing the inside of my thighs when I run.

I own a lot of running shorts. Like lots. Some are cute — the most important thing — and some are not. But, in the last year, many of them started to rub the inside of my thighs, creating nasty red welts at the end of runs. I bought new shorts. Now, all of them are rubbing. Even my sturdy, dependable Brooks shorts, which are NOT cute but are efficient; their primary perk being that they did. not. rub.

Not attractive. But that was what I sacrificed for a lack of rubbing.
Not attractive. But that was what I sacrificed for a lack of rubbing.

Now? Sigh. Nasty red welts.

My nice Nike Rival shorts (which are apparently no longer available, so that was a brief lifespan, since they were new in the spring)? Also rubbing now.

Race shorts. Make you go faster.
Race shorts. Make you go faster.

The Lululemon shorts I had already rejected earlier this year. My normal, standard, everyone owns them Nike Tempo shorts are ok, but bunch weird. And, the Oiselle Roga shorts I’ve been making my racing shorts lately? They have only rubbed a little, so far. SO FAR. (But, let me tell you sweat on Orange shorts does not look attractive.)

All the shorts rub right on the edge of the material on the inside thigh, typically the right inside thigh. I don’t think my thighs are fatter than they have been — factually speaking. I don’t think I’m running different. It seems to happen more in the summer, so it may have something to do with being all sweaty and the shorts sticking (in the past, shorts only rubbed that badly when they were wet and it was raining), but it’s been happening more and more for the last year. So, I dunno? Maybe I just suck.

Internet, tell me what to do.

Do your shorts rub? It hurts right?


15 thoughts on “Why Are My Running Shorts Rubbing My Thighs?

  1. Did you change your thighs?

    🙂 F, I don’t know, weird thing to have happen. Almost tights season again in Marin though, right? Maybe quit running till October?

    1. Definitely changed my thighs.

      Oddly, I actually don’t own very many tights and the one pair I like to run in is turning super see-through (!), which I only just realized the other day. Suggestions on where to get cool new tights?

  2. I own like 4 running shorts, and they probably aren’t even running shorts. I have had them for years. I think your problem is… ehhh, what the Hell do I know? Nothing.

    I didn’t even know people thought a lot about the stuff they wear, let alone shop for stuff. I am probably the most worthless Human Being ever. 🙂

  3. http://www.underarmour.com/shop/us/en/womens-perforated-ua-great-escape-shorts-ii/pid1237254-731 … they are my favorite running shorts, ever. I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to move up in size. Not sure if my @$$ is truck-sized these days or things are just shifting around, but no longer can I wear the teeny tiny sizes that I used to in Lululemon! These Under Armour shorts in hi-vis yellow are my newest favorite running shorts ever… size medium. I know that Popo used to have your problem though and I know that running in spandex really did the trick! UA has some cute prints for spandex..

  4. This is more of a weather thing for me, I think when I get sweaty but it’s also not very humid out? It’s some combination of that. I know people end up running in tri shorts which I hate for just running. Body glide seems to be best option.

      1. I second Christi on the spandex. I’ve had this problem all my life… Spandex shorts and capris are the only fix. Not as cute as regular shorts though. Agreed that it gets worse in the summer due to increased sweating.

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