Training Week: July 15-21

I always, in a weird gawking/judge-y way, love reading other people’s training logs, or at least skimming them and making snide comments under my breath. So, go ahead, judge. This is my training load last week — in which I finally cracked 10 hours for like the first time since February maybe?


Bike to ferry, to work from ferry — and back (which totals 20 miles, but is a mixed bag of useful and pointless biking), biked to Crossfit on way home — 22 miles total give or take

Crossfit – rowing + front squats + stuff


GOD, I’m tired. Call it.


Swim in the morning at this Masters at the community pool right next to my house, figuring it’ll be convenient. It is also stupid. We do 1800y in 55′. I’m pretty sure I water run faster than that.

Run 7 miles in the evening with 4 x 5′ at (7:05, 6:55, 6:45, 6:35 – except the last one I only managed 4′ and like, well, that was rough)


Bike to ferry, bike ALL the way home from work — successfully this time too — totals around 34 miles give or take

Light core while watching TV and playing with Tupac, which really means he sat under me and tried to bite my face every time I came down for a push-up. It made the whole strength workout more exciting.


Run 5 miles easy in the morning — because I worked the later shift. Yay!

Bail on swimming in the evening — because I worked the later shift and didn’t get home until after 8 p.m. Sigh.


Swim 2400y, including a test swim of 1000y that I do periodically. Did it the slowest I have ever done it. Was so tired following that I watched TV and took a nap. Also, sigh.


Biked to the race, biked around the course, bike led the five-mile race, biked home — 17 miles or something?

Ran 3.5 miles of warm-up + 1 mile not quite as fast as I had hoped

Swam 1,000y easy in the afternoon.

Bam, I’m back. (Sort of. Kind of. I’m still slow and suck.)

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