The Mental Difference: Ironman “Training” Begins

Yesterday was my first day back at for-real training, at ‘I’m going to be a serious athlete when we get back from Hawaii‘ training. I rode my bike easy for an hour after work, did 20′ of core, and a 15’ easy swim.

Is that really different than what I would have done on any given day casually in the last few months? No. But the difference is in my head, which is all the difference. In my head it’s the start of doing it every day, not just when I feel like, of building a base and getting on a schedule. It’s the start of returning. Maybe.

Because I’ve been thinking about not just dicking around and running whatever race is happening in Marin. I’ve been thinking about doing triathlon again, specifically about doing an Ironman.

I’m only in the preliminary stages of thinking, the part where I try to pick a race that meets my very particular criteria. (If you have any suggestions for M-Dot/WTC races that aren’t crazy hot or humid, are not at elevation, preferably between June and Dec. of next year and in the US, and are also not stupid stupid competitive, that’d be great. Thanks. Really I’d just like it if WTC announced a new IM Oregon or IM Coastal California for next Sept. That would be my shit.)

But, doing an Ironman next year means I need to start biking more, like now. I should probably get back in the pool too. And, figure out why my toe still hurts some times if I land on it hard.

So yesterday was my first day back. And today will be my second and tomorrow my third and on and on and on. I know that. That’s the difference.

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