Man, the Y is Annoying

I went to the local YMCA today to do some lifting and swimming. (My foot is bothering me a lot right now, so running is out during this ‘break.‘) The last time I went to the Y I had to share the pool with “Princess” while I tried to water run.

The YMCA has not gotten a whole lot better since then.

Have you ever seen the Seinfeld episodes where those super old guys, the Mandelbaums, keep challenging Jerry to weird and obscure physical challenges and try to get him in shape, even tying him to the back of a car to make him run. I’m pretty sure those guys go to my Y.

The weirdest part is the attitude. When I went to get into a swim lane, I gestured to the guy ‘Hey, can we split the lane?’ and he just stared at me and kept swimming. I waited until he came back to the wall again. ‘Hi, sorry, can we split the lane?’ He kept staring pointedly away from me. ‘Hi. Excuse me. Hello. Hi. Hey. Can we split the lane?’ He finally turned and stared at me. ‘The lane, can we split it?’ I’m pantomiming now. S-P-L-I-T. He stares some more. Finally, he sighs. ‘It’s not allowed.’

It’s not allowed? No, splitting the lane isn’t allowed. They won’t let you. But, he says, he’s almost done. Or, I could always swim in another lane. OK, fine, I jump in the fast lane and apparently my ability to swim scares away the woman in that lane.

Then, I accidentally hit this guy in the lane next to me with my hand — apparently my stroke is wider than it should be. This is not uncommon and I’ve been knocked on accident plenty of times. Usually at Masters I would just keep swimming. But, this is the Y and I sort of doubted that would go over well. I stopped right away and say, “Are you ok?”

The guy stared at me, mouthed some swear words and mumbled an insult under his breath, stared some more, and then turned away and started swimming. Um. OK.

And, that is why, even though it is the cheapest, closest gym to my house, I don’t belong to the Y.


4 thoughts on “Man, the Y is Annoying

  1. I wish you had a Y like we do in Grand Rapids, MI!!! Not only do we have hours where all 6 lanes are for lap swim, we can also share lanes or even go three to a lane (great triathlon practice!!) I wish I could lend you my Y for your recovery – or maybe you could zap yourself over!

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