Why Max Lifting is Annoying

Last night I went to Crossfit. As we’ve discussed, sometimes Crossfit can be idiotic. Sometimes not. It depends.

Last night was sort of idiotic.

I have nothing against max lifting (working up to the point on a weight-lifting move where you can’t even do one rep, thus the last weight as which you could do one is your MAX). Max lifting is cool when it’s like trains or trucks or cars or whatever:

But, we weren’t lifting trains. It ended up being sort of stupid/annoying instead, because:

  • At a class, you end up in groups, which means you spend most of your time waiting, since you can’t be max lifting around the clock. (That’s sort of against the definition of max lifting.)
  • So, then, you stand and stand around in an increasingly dark parking lot until it’s your turn to lift the weight one time and set it back down.
  • That gets cold.
  • And old.
  • And, if you only have a limited amount of time and are quite tired anyway, because it’s taking forever to rotate through everyone and let each person work their way up to the max, and really it’s very nearly your bedtime, then it feels like an extra double insult that you’re not asleep and not getting a good workout.
  • Because, let’s be real (which always cracks me up when people say that, since it infers that we were not real people before): we, meaning you and me and all of us reading this, are not super great lifters. So, while it could be a good workout for Olympians and stuff, generally at these sorts of things it’s just sort of a sad, semi-stereotypical girly attempt at working out.
  • I’m pretty bad at max lifting. This is also very annoying.

Have you tried max lifting before?

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