When is it time for a planned break?

Sorry, sorry. This is the for real post. I was writing this while sitting and waiting for my food earlier, because I had tried to order a Salmon Roe roll, which apparently is really hard to understand over the phone (say it fast), so when I walked in the door, instead they just handed me this cup of fish eggs and asked for $20. So, we had a discussion and I waited. Then when I finally got my rolls, I quickly ‘saved’ what I had written on my phone, but it ‘published’ instead. And, that is why you got a cut-off post earlier…

My blog readership plummeted last week. I suppose it has something to do with the whole people don’t want to hear you complain thing – though they do want to hear about you falling down, just preferably while laughing in an ironic way.

I didn’t post really this weekend either – a first in a long time – simply because it was time for a break. But, the internet isn’t really the main thing I’m taking a break from currently (especially since my job description right now basically just reads: ‘Do the internet’). The main thing I’m taking a break from is structured training and racing.

It looks just like this:

Except with pants, obviously.
Except with pants, obviously.

I know, you’re thinking: And that’s different how? Or, probably more accurately: wasn’t she already taking a break?

After getting hurt going into Boston, I was put on forced hiatus. Forced injury hiatus is NOT a break. It is anything but break-like. It’s full of angsting and water running. After Boston, I sort of just broke down/meandered my way through training, with a few days here and there of nothing, because I was supposed to run the Dipsea. Half-heartedly semi-training and spur-of-the-moment racing to prepare for a bigger race is NOT a break. (Even if it is more fun than water run angsting.)

So, now. Now, I am on a scheduled break.

The plan had originally been to kill it at Boston obvs, rest and recovery for a week or so, keep it tight for the Dipsea, and then take a planned break for three weeks, extending through our trips to Tahoe and Hawaii. I’d come back better than ever. For a possible return to seriousness.

That didn’t go exactly according to plan, but we now find ourselves at the scheduled break phase of the programming. It also happens to coincide with the crazy levels of work currently. That makes The Break sort of obvious and also sort of less break-like. But, still.

I did nothing last week except 23′ of swimming and then 38′ of easy running, which included the weird heart rate sitting in the middle of the trail stuff. This week, I’m planning on some casual evening workouts, same next week. Hopefully, some trail running in Hawaii (yay Hawaii!) if my foot is feeling better than it was this week (boo dress shoes). And, then?

I’m not sure yet.

That’s part of how a break works. You don’t worry about what comes next too much. But, I’m thinking about a return to serious training – like over ten hours/week training, like riding my bike more than just to and from work training, like possibly TRIATHLON TRAINING. *gasp*

Here are possibilities for the second half of the year/fall, add suggestions:

  • 50K Trail Ultra
  • Pacific Grove Triathlon
  • Donner Lake Swim
  • Fall Marathon (or possibly winter marathon)
  • The San Rafael Mile
  • Lagoon swimming maybe
  • Tiburon Triathlon-ing
  • Preparing for possible Ironman next year
  • Something else?

What should I do this fall (besides hope I don’t have to get bone spur surgery)?

8 thoughts on “When is it time for a planned break?

  1. Fall marathon… may I suggest Victoria in October? It handily falls on Canadian Thanksgiving which of course means nothing to Americans.

  2. I’m signed up for the North Face Endurance Trail Marathon in December…you could do that and kick my a$$? 🙂 I was supposed to do it this past year, but it was cancelled b/c of the insane rainstorm…

    1. I’ve definitely been thinking about that one. As long as I can stay/ get healthy. Every time I start running again my foot starts hurting again. So

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