Running, Weekends, and the Heat

We did not run up that trail going straight up.
We did not run up that trail going straight up.

A bunch of Cal Triathlon girls were here this weekend and we headed out for a run Saturday around noon (after I had a bit of a go-around with multiple batches of brownies). This picture was taken right after I had one of my weird heartrate/about to pass out episodes and had to sit down for a while. I haven’t had that happen in a long time and there wasn’t any particular reason it happened this time and it wouldn’t go away — ie. my heartrate wouldn’t go down and the pressure on my head wouldn’t lessen and my chest wouldn’t un-constrict and the way everything gets brighter but also darker around the edges as it widens and narrows wouldn’t stop — for a long time. It was frustrating.

That, combined with the other activities we had this weekend, made doing anything resembling work sound unappealing. Tupac the Cat and I took quite a few naps.

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