Working Full-Time Really Puts a Damper on Things

So, what has been my deal this week? Where did I go and why did I keep posting things like this and this:

I really wanted to say y'all, but thought it might be weird.
I really wanted to say y’all, but thought it might be weird.

Turns out, I started a super awesome temporary/fill-in job at KQED, the public news station in San Francisco. This is exciting news (yay), but I am working the morning shift (boo) and it takes a really, really long time to commute from Marin to the Mission in San Francisco (double boo to shitty public transit). I’ve been leaving the house at 6:15 a.m. and getting home at 6 p.m. – at the earliest, often later.

It is wearing on me.

The added problem is that because I was also working full-time as a freelancer I still have stories left to finish and assignments due. I’ve been working on those while on the ferry or at night after I lay on the floor for enough time after walking through the door to let my brain stop hurting.

The extra added problem is that I’ve had a cold all week. I woke up (or rather didn’t sleep) the morning of the Dipsea with a very definitive cold: sore throat, ears popping, etc. It’s progressed all week, through the stuffed up and eyes watering to the burning up and then back to the sore throat. That’s basically meant that even when I get in bed by 11 p.m. to get about six-and-a-half hours of sleep, I don’t fall asleep because I cough and can’t breathe. Until last night, I pretty much had slept less than five hours every day since Saturday. That is way too many days.

Needless to say then, or maybe it needs to be said: I have not worked out much. I meant to, or really I didn’t mean to much since I knew I was going to be wrecked, but by the time I get home I don’t want to do anything except lay on the floor.

This is a terrible situation.

I wrote on Facebook that this is a terrible situation and a lot of people have responded to commiserate and to point out that they have it worse, because isn’t that what we do? Top each other’s pain. But, my point isn’t that it’s bad for me. It is, but rather that it’s a bad state of affairs for everyone. It’s bad that it’s normal for a commute to take over an hour ONE WAY. It’s bad that being gone for work for 12 hours or more every single day is a bragging point, something to be topped, to prove that the more desk time you put in the better you are. Of course I work hard, but the end product is the point, not simply putting in the time. (It also reminds me of Michael Scott on The Office: ‘I can spend all day on a project, and he will finish the same project in half an hour, so that should tell you something…”) It’s bad that people are so exhausted after their three hours of commuting, which is absurd in this day and age, that they have no energy to do anything else: workouts or community events or pursue hobbies.

So, now that I have a handle on things. (Sort of.) And, I think I have it down so I can leave my house at 6:40 (yay!), then I’m going to start trying to do workouts in the morning before that or easy runs in the evenings after. And, KQED seems like a good place to work. The people are cool and the stories are really interesting, so I’m pretty sure they have a good attitude about getting the work done when it needs to get done. Now, if we could just make the public transit run smoothly and quickly all the way here…

4 thoughts on “Working Full-Time Really Puts a Damper on Things

  1. Just read this. I like to stop by once in a while just to say hey, I was here. I liked this update. Life should be easier, and it is stupid it isn’t.

    Anyway… HEY. 🙂

    Have a good night Kelly I am going to bed, because I left for work at like 4:30, and was up by like I dunno, 2:30 or something.

    Oh and that is FTW btw. 😉


    cya. 🙂

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