Preparing for a Bike TT This Weekend

Steve convinced me to do a bike time trial race this weekend. Since I haven’t ridden my time trial bike since I rode it for 28′ at the Tiburon Triathlon last July, I thought yesterday was a good day for practice.

The benefit of not having ridden it since last July was that it still has the carbon brake pads in for carbon race wheels, because I never took them off. Since I didn’t feel like changing the brake pads to ride outside, when I would just have to change them back before the race on Saturday, I decided to ride the trainer indoors. You don’t need to brake on the trainer! But, then, when I was trying to put the wheels in the bike and spinning the back wheel, the only way to stop it was to set the wheel down on the ground. So, then, it made a tire mark on our wood floor. So, then, I tried to scrub off the tire mark with a wet paper towel. And, then, that somehow also scrubbed off some of the wood varnish. So, now, we have a much lighter spot on the floor in the middle of the living room — because that was obviously easier than just changing the brake pads.

For my super hard workout I figured I would try to hold my hour race pace for a whopping 1′ or 2′. It was hard.

I’m not sure if I succeeded in holding that pace because it turns out my bike also doesn’t have a PowerTap on it right now either (a PowerTap is a type of power meter, which tells you via a computer how much wattage or effort you’re exerting on your bike), so I was going just by feel and tempo of Taylor Swift songs.

I may not put the PowerTap back on my bike before Saturday. While trying to feel my way towards race pace over a 45′ effort is going to be challenging, since I’ve done nothing similar in nearly a year, I’m also not sure I actually want to see what numbers I’m holding. Logic suggests that they will not be as high as I am used to. And, I don’t know that an existentialist crisis about my fitness is going to help in the middle of the race.

After managing hard efforts of 1′-2′-2′-1′ and deciding that was good enough, I rode my road bike to Crossfit yesterday afternoon. Since I was running later after playing with Tupac, I had to haul ass to get there.

Here is the secret to hauling ass on your bike when you are running late: don’t try to do it all at once.

I read last week that people tend to overestimate what they can get done in a short period of time and underestimate what they can do over a long period of time with consistent effort. This was one of those annoying buzzy articles about time management, but it’s also true of sports. If you try to make up all the time in a super hard effort right away, you will probably end up throwing up on the side of the road and will not get to your destination on time. If you steadily put out a moderately hard effort the whole time, then you can do a 45′ ride in 35′.

The other secret is not to flagrantly disregard traffic rules even if you’re in a super hurry, because dying would really hinder your ability to get somewhere on time.

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