What Happens When You’re Not Training and Have Nothing To Do

I may not have mentioned it, because, well, we’re actually separate people with separate lives, but Steve has been gone the past few days for a stage race in New Mexico. I did not go because 1. watching stage races make me so tired I end up having to sleep more than Steve, 2. it’s New Mexico, and 3. I got shit to do.

Except, apparently, I do not have shit to do.

With my self-imposed hiatus while I re-group, have a minor breakdown, and figure out if I should train or race or race myself into shape or become one of those people who just exercises for fitness or give up completely, I actually did so little the last few days that my ass was sore from sitting. That is insane. I sit for work and type on a computer multiple hours a day and, yet, somehow I managed to sit so much this weekend I hurt my butt.

Meanwhile, Steve was evidently doing this with his homestay this weekend: (though, apparently, the whole traveling a bunch for work and then this race and probably the interactions with farm animals means he’s not feeling 100% now)

I think Steve's thinking about bringing the little guy home with him.
I think Steve’s thinking about bringing the little guy home with him.

While he was gone, I wrote. I did laundry. I thought about tackling big house projects. I tried to write some more. I finished three short articles and one longer article today. I cleaned and vacuumed out the car. I watched multiple movies, all of The Newsroom’s first season, tons of things on my DVR, read two books and some other stuff, and I dunno spent a lot of time sitting on the couch doing nothing.

Is this what people do if they’re not working out? What does everyone do to fill their free time? 

I’m all about taking some time to do nothing, but I may be at my max. If I was waiting to hit bottom so I would feel motivated to get moving again, I think it might be coming?

In the meantime, I am now obsessed with this website, Cats Are Assholes. And, I think I watched this video three times (even though Floyd actually loved to go for walks and was the best cat ever):

What do you do when you’re not training?

3 thoughts on “What Happens When You’re Not Training and Have Nothing To Do

  1. If I am injured, and not training it adds to my drinking probably. I try to stay motivated to do stuff around the house. Some days I am good, and some days not. Today was good, cuz we did some stuff.

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