10 Reasons I Should Start Running Again

10. I already watched Die Hard, Devil Wears Prada, and John Tucker Must Die (which was an unfortunate accident). I’m running out of things on the TV. And, I have over 300 channels.

9. My butt is really starting to hurt from all the sitting.

8. The foot didn’t bother me today and the hamstring is only slightly twinge-y. That has to be a good sign. Maybe the complete break has really paid off and I’m ready to get back to running again.

7. The more I sit around the house, the more cat gifs I watch. This is the all-time best cat gif ever (warning: NSFW). Now, that I have seen the best gif ever, I have nowhere to go but down.

6. I live here:

From the NY Times, natch.
From the NY Times, natch.

5. So, what the hell am I doing inside when it’s been sunny and 80?

4. If you never do anything, you never even have anything to write about really. Isn’t that why people experience things. So, if I’m not training and I’m just working and writing, then I don’t even have anything worth writing about, because it’s just not that interesting to keep sitting on your couch. I know you’re getting bored with this story.

3. Running is fundamentally a simple thing, an amazing thing. It’s just you and your legs, where ever you want to go. You don’t need expensive equipment. You just need your own desire. I haven’t had a desire. I haven’t wanted to do anything that could be great. I have wanted just to be boring. I was tired of feeling terrible running, of feeling pedestrian. I thought maybe if I stopped, I would stop feeling terrible. But, I can still remember flying down trails, so instead I just miss flying down trails.

2. I want to race again. But, I only want to do it if I’m going to do it fast. Otherwise, what’s the point.

1. Because it’s fun.

What are the top reasons to run?

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