Write Down a Log of What You Do During the Day

A couple days ago someone posted on twitter this suggestion: KEEP AN ACCURATE LOG OF WHAT YOU DO EACH DAY HOUR BY HOUR AND PREPARE TO BE HORRIFIED. (Caps their’s, not mine.)

So, I did. Yesterday, I wrote down in a notebook everything I did in time chunks over the day. I was quite exhausted by the end of the day, mostly from all the writing of the notes — which means today’s notebook would probably read: ’10 a.m. – 11 p.m.: Sit on couch.’

Here’s what I did yesterday, which was more-or-less a normal day:

8:45: After going to bed way too late, not falling asleep, and waking up on-and-off all night, I finally decide to just get up after 4-5 hours of sleep.

9:00: Phone interview with industry analyst for story on start-up tech company. Jot down questions for start-up tech company later.

9:15: Shower, try on multiple outfits before deciding just to wear dark jeans and a white t-shirt again today. Check the address of the doctor’s office, pack all my stuff up.

9:45: Drive to doctor’s office. Manage to get lost despite looking up address and the fact that it’s 5′ from my house.

10:00: Phone interview with start-up tech company, while sitting in my car.

10:20: Doctor’s appointment to figure out what’s wrong with my foot. (Including a quick drive back to my house to get extra pairs of running shoes.)

11:20: Leave doctor’s to head to RIA Biz office, with stops to get gas and breakfast/lunch from Whole Foods.

11:55: Get to RIA Biz office, pow-wow briefly with editor about story on tech start-up and other things working on.

12:10: Eat lunch/breakfast, browse the internet and read news/stories/ideas/stuff. My essay is up on The Billfold! Yay! Whoa, some of these comments on my essay are intense. Answer all my emails, setting up other interviews and stories and jobs, while finishing lunch/breakfast.

1:15: Phone interview with another industry analyst for story on tech start-up company.

1:40: Start working on story on tech start-up company. Begin opening tons of internet windows to research different facts. Write maybe 100 words.

2:05: Phone interview with advisor to tech start-up company.

2:30: Decide to go for a walk, stop at the bank, get some M&Ms.

2:45: Start seriously writing story. Alternate write sentences, check facebook.

4:10: Leave after quick pow-wow with editor about story, will have finished tonight! Nearly 850 words done, lots of stuff to clean up and edit, though. Drive home.

4:50: Finally get home. Stupid traffic. Talk to Steve in New Mexico for a bit. Change back into shorts.

5:15: Phone interview with new hire to tech start-up company.

5:30: Phone interview with different new hire to tech start-up company.

5:45: Do core work for a bit. Change into swimsuit and walk down to complex pool. Swim a bit.

6:25: Shower, put on different shorts and t-shirt. Try to decide what I want to do tonight. Decide what I will probably end up doing is sitting on the couch and watching TV. Bemoan the fact that I want to go out to eat, but nothing sounds good after last night’s rich, super-cheesy hors d’oeuvres with Vivek at fancy wine bar where George Lucas’ chef makes whatever food he feels like making. Wonder if downing a pitcher of margarita and bowl of gaucamole by yourself is sad. Probably only if you do it in a public place. Decide it is time to start drinking.

6:45: Make a snack and start work on finishing story.

8:15: Submit story! Congratulate self by reading stuff online.

8:45: Unload dishwasher, do dishes, pay bills, watch the new Law & Order. It was trippy. Eat dinner of gauc and hummus. Finish bottle of wine.

10:00: Send an outline to an editor person for potential story, answer a bunch more emails related to different jobs.

10:50: Sit down to fulfill goal of working on my writing every day. Am so tired and sleepy though. Write a terrible few hundred words.

11:15: Brush teeth, put on different shorts that qualify as pajamas. Get in bed and read some stuff.

12:00 Make executive decision that I will not be waking up early to go to track practice.

12:10: Turn off light.

I actually feel pretty good about my day yesterday, but not so good about my day so far today. I really don’t feel like working out at all, which makes it hard to get motivated. I don’t know if that means I should just do it anyway or what. And, it’s getting so hot. I hate the heat.

You try it. Write down what you do for one day. Disgusted with yourself?

6 thoughts on “Write Down a Log of What You Do During the Day

  1. I loved this! I think it is fascinating what other people do.
    I think I am going to do this — I think I am a taxi cab though after 3pm for the kids – that will be shocking! :))

  2. Yesterday my boss told me to write everything I do, minute by minute. At first I was annoyed and a little bit angry for what I thought was his lack of trust in me. At the end of my shift I loved this exercise: not only I was more productive by being more conscious of what was I doing, I also realized that even without doing this, I’m usually a productive worker. I’m going to try this at home as well.

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