It Turns Out I’m Out of Shape

It turns out I am not so much in awesome shape anymore. That’s not particularly shocking. My training was up and down and down and then I got hurt and then I got sick. My peak fitness (which never really hit its peak) was probably two weeks before Boston and now it’s been another two since Boston. So, yeah, while my foot is still mysteriously injured/bone spurred/possibly needing surgery, mostly the problem is I’m out of shape.

Thursday, when I went for my reinvigorating Alpine Dam ride, I told Steve I’d be back by 5 p.m. or so. When I got home at 5:50, I had a text from him asking: “Is everything ok?” I had to respond: “Yeah, just slow and fat.”

Friday, I went for a slow, slow run around Ring Mountain. Ring Mountain is pretty, but it sucks to run on — lots of uneven ground and rocks and confusing trails. At least it looks like this:

The only other reason I ever go to Ring Mountain is to watch fireworks, because you can see them all around the bay. This photo is from Panoramio.
The only other reason I ever go to Ring Mountain is to watch fireworks, because you can see them all around the bay. This photo is from Panoramio.

Then, I went to Crossfit. When I don’t know what to do or am bored, I go to Crossfit. Typically, I use Groupons to go to whatever gym is offering a Groupon right now. I will probably write more at some point about whether or not Crossfit is dumb. However, it is always entertaining. And, usually, when none of the Crossfitters can run around the block, it also makes me feel good about myself.

Generally, for me, the thing that separates Crossfit from just being yelled at while doing sit-ups is the lifting. But, the current place that has a Groupon doesn’t really have lifting, so it’s mostly really energetic doing sit-ups or squats or whatever.

I did climb the rope, though, and it looked just like this:

I think that guy's face is blurred out because he's super intense/secretive.
I think the guys’ faces are blurred out because they’re super intense/secretive.

I taught another open water swimming clinic Saturday morning and then binge-watched The Newsroom all afternoon. I subscribed to HBO so that I could watch Game of Thrones, obviously, and then Veep was an added bonus. And, then, I watched a handful of Girls, so I could be judgmental and scornful — but with some substance. Now, I’m watching The Newsroom, which is just as patronizing and long-winded and self-aggrandizing as, well, as Aaron Sorkin. But, now I’m invested and need to see if Jim and Maggie end up together.

Also, I started crying at the end of this episode — which, perhaps, has more to do with me and less to do with the quality of the show.

But, none of that is getting me back in shape. I probably will continue to be more out of shape. I have no plan or goal or plan for, you know, anything. Instead, I will watch my TV shows and eat my brownies and, every now and then, go to Crossfit.

5 thoughts on “It Turns Out I’m Out of Shape

  1. I am going to try Crossfit this week for the first time… Trying to be open-minded and all… 🙂 But ya, need to change things up a bit around here for sure.

    1. The biggest thing about Crossfit is not to be stupid about it, like if they’re pushing you to do something you know you shouldn’t, don’t, right. So many people get caught up in the dumbness.

  2. […] – My toe/tendons in my feet are sore later – My arches keep cramping up into knots so bad that it woke me up the other night – This also makes it hurt when I’m running and makes the soles of my feet burn – Mild IT band issues – My left hamstring (and now both my hamstrings) feel like they’re ripping out of my ass after 30′ of running – My left calf then decided to get in on that party, when I tried to run on Tuesday, and about 50′ in felt like it was ripping/locking up/knotting – I appear to be very, very out of shape […]

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