Boston Marathon explosions

I am fine, FYI. If you were following me in the race, you didn’t get updates because I dropped out. In the wake of what has happened since, that freaked some people out.

I caught a bus back to the finish and had just walked out of the area to meet a friend when the explosions happened. We didn’t hear anything in the noise and crowd. When we went to get on the subway, it was being evacuated.

Things are crazy now. We walked away from there as fast as possible. Everyone is holed up in bars and restaurants waiting to find out what’s going on and waiting for the subway to open and waiting for the lockdown to end. But the more news that comes out the worse it sounds. They found more devices and there’s a number of injuries.

It’s chaos and a tragedy and unbelievable someone would do this at a race like this.

More later. I’m OK. Not everyone is, though. Let’s all hope for the best.

6 thoughts on “Boston Marathon explosions

  1. I am glad you were smart enough to drop out if the foot wasn’t feeling good. You were not going to win the race. 😉

    Glad you are safe too.

    No words of wisdom on this occasion. Can’t wait to read your blog of why you dropped out, and stuff.

    It will be a crazy night for you I am sure.

    Take care. 🙂

  2. I’m am so glad that you are okay – sorry about having to drop out. Maybe your guardian angel was keeping watch over you! Love you bunches!

  3. So glad you’re ok. It’s almost surreal what we’re hearing over the news from there, so I appreciate you posting that you’re all right.

  4. I am so happy to hear that you are okay. There is a reason you weren’t running and I am thankful that it happened, as hard as that is to bear. We are all here to support one another… and I am here to support you. My thoughts and prayers are with you tonight.

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