Things I Have Tried to Get My Foot to Stop Hurting

My foot was getting consistently better every week and I wasn’t too worried that it would be ok in time for Boston. I was mostly worried about fitness. But, since Monday, it’s been sore and not getting better. I don’t know why. I’m frustrated and mystified, obviously, but with nine days until the race, I mostly just want it to stop hurting in time.

Here are things I’ve tried now:

  • Resting
  • No running (Alter-G and water running)
  • Icing
  • Anti-inflammatory cream
  • Anti-inflammatory pills
  • Super intense anti-inflammatory Flector patches (I really thought these were going to make a big difference but they haven’t so far, so I’m starting to doubt that the problem is inflammation)
  • Hot lasers

I’m sure there are plenty of things left to try? Just to get it to stop hurting enough for a little over three hours of running.

5 thoughts on “Things I Have Tried to Get My Foot to Stop Hurting

    1. Well the sports doctor was the one who said it was just inflamed and I should rest, ice and here are prescription anti-inflammatories. So. I don’t know that I believe her anymore.

  1. Google plantar fasciaitis and see if the symptoms are similar? You might find an insole would do the trick to get you to the race, followed by some proper orthotics/new shoes after?

    1. Thanks. The doctor thinks it isn’t plantar, since it’s the top joint of the foot and not the bottom. but, yeah, I’m thinking about getting some orthotics after.

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