Boston Photo Challenge: Snacks and Work

I was going to write a post about flexibility, work schedules, and training. On the eve of this, my anniversary of quitting my job and venturing out into the unknown as a freelancer, I thought I’d write about whether or not working from home(ish) at the beck and call of whoever wants to pay you is beneficial for your training or not.

Except, ironically perhaps, I am suddenly swamped with a story that got dropped in my lap last night (while I was covering something else actually) and needs to be done now — with calls to be made and people harangued and writing done, another story due tomorrow that I had planned on writing now but is being bumped by said urgent-super-important story, an interview this afternoon, many emails to be returned, schmoozing work-type drinks this evening, and another training session to get in on the Alter-G first. All of which has to be wrapped up, with another two workouts tomorrow morning, before I get on a plane to Phoenix.

So. I suppose that sort of maybe answers the question.

Instead, I saw this 30 days to Boston Photo Challenge on Annabelle’s blog — of which I’m a total lurker, but that’s ok, because aren’t we all:

A photo a day makes Boston come quicker.
A photo a day makes Boston come quicker.

The idea is to post a photo on each of those days around that theme. I don’t think I’ll do every day, because I’m lazy and unfocused — or rather I would be a much happier person if I wasn’t both lazy and extremely ambitious. I did think I’d post today, though, since I’m sitting at my desk taking a work break. Here is my Boston Photo Challenge #Snack Picture:

Breakfast and lunch, but not quite brunch.
Breakfast and lunch, but not quite brunch.

I am well aware that eating at your desk is bad for your physical, mental and emotional health, ok? But, I figure, since some days I sit on my couch and watch The View at 10 a.m. while eating cereal, then some days I have to sit in an office and eat sad snacks in front of my computer. (That empty container, though, is the most amazing yogurt-granola-strawberry thing ever.)

Now, back to work.

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