Buy My Orbea Ordu TT Bike

I need to sell my Orbea Ordu TT bike. I mean really I should have sold it when I stopped riding it at the end of 2011, but I held onto it out of hope/sentimental value. What if somehow I really needed a high-end time trial bike? What if, like tomorrow, someone said, Kelly, you have to race Oceanside in two weeks and you have to do it fast or you won’t get that book contract/job/fame and fortune? Well, wouldn’t I feel stupid then if I didn’t have a TT bike. (Also, I really liked it, because it actually fit — unlike my last terrible TT bike that screwed up my leg — so I was scared if I got rid of it I’d never find another bike I liked.)

But, obviously, that never actually happened and instead I rode it three times from the end of September 2011 to now. Three times. It still has cork brake pads on it from the race I did last July.

Now, I need to sell it, because selling it is sort of my master plan for paying taxes.

So, I posted it on Slowtwitch and I guess I’ll post on Craiglist too, then maybe eBay. Asking for $1800. It was a $3400 bike or something around that when I got it two years ago.

So nice.
So nice.


2011 Orbea Ordu
Black and Silver
Size: small (I’m 5’2″)
Frame/Fork: Orbea Ordu
Crankset: Shimano Ultegra
Aerobars: Profile Design Ozero
Stem: 3T Max Pro
Derailleurs/Chain/Shifters: Shimano Ultegra
Seat: Selle SL t1
Pedals: N/A
Wheels: Shown with Mavic Aksiom Race, but wasn’t going to sell it with wheels. Can. Ask.


Let me know if you want to buy it!

12 thoughts on “Buy My Orbea Ordu TT Bike

  1. actually kinda wondered how you did the tax thing. We are doing our taxes tomorrow with a lady, because I owe some back taxes, cuz we used our 401K to make our mortgage payment a couple times. As always hoping to break even’ish.

    We have to buy a new car for us too this weekend. Good times Good times. 🙂

    1. Well, I do taxes like any normal contractor, ie. it’s a nightmare and I have to file quarterly estimates and all this shit. But, right now, the problem is I made more than I estimated last year, so I may end up owing a ton in like four weeks. Which is awesome.

    1. I actually had decided I wasn’t going to sell it, because I decided to go back to triathlon. BUT, now I may get a new bike for triathlon, so I probably will sell this one.

      Which is a way of saying, yes, I do still have the bike.

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