Things People Say to Me While I’m Running

These are some of the things people say to me while I’m running, including while I was doing hill repeats this morning very uncheerfully. There’s something to be learned about how often the same things are said over and over. We want to think we’re unique but we’re not.

  • What are you doing, training for a marathon!? *hahaha*
  • Whoa. Whoa. Slow down there.
  • You scared me.
  • You can do it! Keep it up!
  • I wish I could run.
  • How fast are you going?
  • Are you on the track team?
  • Getting a workout in aren’t you.
  • Good for you.
  • And, my personal favorite, when I was running up and down a section of hill: You’ll make it to the top next time.

It can’t be just me, but I would prefer if no one ever said anything to me while I was working out. Do the head nod. I can deal with that.

10 thoughts on “Things People Say to Me While I’m Running

  1. I have to laugh because today on my run….no not hill repeats…..I was thinking the same thing. Why do people comment, and the funny things they say. I only got 2 today but I had my headphones on and STILL heard them over my LOUD music. Keep writing…I enjoy reading!

  2. A looooooong time ago, this fat, redneck guy said to me, “Why are you doing that?” I had never heard that one said to me and I had no immediate comeback, which obviously still bothers me to this day.

  3. Seriously, why does anybody need to comment on your workout?. I was out on the Embarcadero one afternoon, and a guy asked me to please slow down, because I was showing him up. I passed him, but I still don’t have a snappy comeback.

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