Question for You: Is Doping a Problem in Triathlon?

I’m working on a story about triathlon and doping and I’m trying to get a sense of what people think. So.

Is doping a big problem in triathlon?

More so than cycling or running? In the amateurs? Pros? Why do you think so? Why have fewer people been caught?

5 thoughts on “Question for You: Is Doping a Problem in Triathlon?

  1. Interesting question! I’m guessing it’s not as big a problem as in cycling or athletics (or the big-money “sports” such as NFL, NHL, golf etc). But I’m sure it happens. I bet you there are a lot of age groupers undergoing hormone therapy from anti-aging clinics and taking supplemental testosterone… whether it’s too intentionally cheat or just a reaction to our aversion to the natural aging process. I’m sure it’s an issue – but what percentage of the field is a good question. Good luck!

  2. I’m sure it’s there, but who really knows how much? I heard someone say recently, age groupers (particularly the uber-competitive must do Kona) won’t bat an eye dropping $2K+ on a pair of race wheels, what’s to say they wouldn’t do other less then ethical things to get what they want? I can’t imagine it’s running rampant, but triathlon attracts the type of personality that can sometimes be a win at all costs mentality. I imagine fewer people have been caught because the testing isn’t as rigorous? I’m not sure how it compares to cycling or running, or how many pro’s get tested/how often. There is hardly any age group testing, and the very few that there are would probably be fairly easy for people to get around. Do the big $$ sports (NFL, Major League, NBA) really even test? I didn’t think so, but more importantly, I don’t think the fans care.

  3. I think it’s happening in triathlon and if it’s happening, it’s a problem. I’ve seen the podium (from the audience!) at several USAT AG National Championships and while I don’t have proof, it sure appears that many of those who finish top 10 are supplementing with SOMETHING!

    1. Yeah, I hear a lot of circumstantial talk about amateurs doping in triathlon, which is curious, because I actually don’t hear that much about pros. So, I think it’s interesting.

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