Floyd the Cat Helps!

Yesterday, after I went for an easy jog (I hate the word jog, but, in this case, it may be apt) to test out the ankle, Floyd wanted to sit on my shoulder and get all my sweat all over him. This is his favorite and only trick. For an animal that doesn’t take baths, he does spend an awful lot of time getting dirty.

Floyd the cat's favorite place to sit.
Floyd the cat’s favorite place to sit.

Then, he helped me stretch – primarily by trying to hunt my leg and sitting on top of me while I laid on the roller. He also tried to drink the water in my ice bucket this morning, but it was so cold that he ran away too fast for me to get a picture, see:

Floyd thinks ice buckets are stupid.
Floyd thinks ice buckets are stupid.

Besides sitting on your face or shoulder, Floyd also enjoys computers and long walks on the beach. OK, really, he just enjoys computers and very short walks in which he sits on your shoulder while YOU walk. His favorite places to sit include, under the computer while you’re typing:

Floyd helps me do work.
Floyd helps me with my computering.

in the laundry basket, in his chair, or in the paper recycling bag:

Floyd helps with the recycling.
Floyd helps with the recycling.

And, then he was so tired from such a hard day yesterday, that he had to nap all evening, not even getting up to ‘help’ me make dinner.

So tired!
So tired!


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