The Worst Part of Running

The worst thing about running (or any sport really) isn’t the rain or the motivation fluxuations or just the flat-out dry-heaving. It’s how suddenly you can go from running free and optimistic to way-laid and freaking out.

I’ve been running well and feeling good — strong, quick, with my biggest problems being how to know how fast I should start at the Kaiser Half-Marathon this weekend.

Then, bam, my ankle hurts. The arch of my foot cramped some after a few runs a week or two ago. I figured it might be the crazy shoes I’ve been running in or just not eating enough bananas. I started walking weird because my foot was cramping. And, my shins and ankles were a little sore after a couple runs last week. But, something is always sore after runs. That’s why they call it running.

And, then, at some point, it slips over the line from regular aches and pains to full-on injury.

The inside of my ankle, running up from my arch across the back of my heel, now hurts when I push off and shoots up the inside. So, I’m walking with a limp too. And, then, freaking out about the limp and if it’ll make the injury worse.

Hopefully, we can nip this in the ass quickly. Before I start hurting other people.

This is from Cait Chock, and she has more funny cartoons you should go check out:


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