Sacramento Running Association and Elite Runners

Freeplay Magazine.
Freeplay Magazine.

I wrote this article for Freeplay Magazine about the Sacramento Running Association’s elite program. It’s a female-focused magazine, based here in Northern California, and, while it’s new, I really think it’s coming along.

But, the article topic, itself, is also something I find fascinating. SRA realized there is a gap between when runners graduate college and when they’re able to make money as runners, make the Olympics, break records, etc. How do you encourage people to keep running in the full-time way necessary if they can’t afford it or if there simply isn’t an option to make it possible?

Obviously, other groups are doing similar things, getting sponsorships, paying the small things that make a difference at that point: flights, entry fees, shoes. But, still, I think it’s a more complicated question than most people acknowledge. If we have certain demands on athletes and expectations, but give them no resources, how do we expect those to be met?

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