Is There One Right Way to Run?


*I made this joke yesterday that the entirety of an article on if there is ‘one right way’ to run should just say: No. I was saying that in response to the NYT’s blog article about the whole barefoot/midfoot strike debate, though really if the New York Times is writing about some endurance sports topic, then we’ve basically all already heard more about it than we’d ever want to.

Obviously, there are some basic form standards we accept as good running form. That’s sort of the whole point of form drills. But, the obsession with the barefoot panacea seems like it may just be an obsession. The argument has always gone if we ran barefoot like our ancestors, we’d be closer to true pure running form, which is midfoot striking (theoretically, because if you’re barefoot, you would never land on your heel), therefore midfoot/forefoot striking is better.

But, a new study says that may not be true. Or it might be. Or maybe there isn’t one right way to run. Get over it.

Runblogger does a good job explaining the new study and what it gets right and what it doesn’t — and he uses science and stuff.

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