Not doing it for the sexy. Duh.

The TRX instructor today asked what I wanted to work on and I said I want a six-pack (which may have been a mistake anyway, because then she came up with these sadistic exercises). But, right after I say it, this older, kind of disheveled guy weighs in.

Him: I’ve never seen a six-pack that looked sexy on a woman. It’s just not attractive, fyi, from the guys’ point of view.

Me: Oh, yeah, I don’t care about that.


5 thoughts on “Not doing it for the sexy. Duh.

  1. Everyone wants a 6 pack, and the reasons aren’t to find the cure for Cancer or something else. No crime in wanting to be “the SH** except the internal stuff we beat ourselves up for anyway.

    I like you for your honesty.

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