Training While You Travel

I’m going to Phoenix this weekend. This is just the first in a number of trips I have lined up so far this year: LA, Boston, Tahoe, Hawaii, North Carolina, Milwaukee/Chicago, Sacramento, LA, Chicago, plus other stuff that I know coming. It’s the whole being 27 thing and everyone figuring the music is about to stop, time to pick a chair and say, ‘I do.’ Oh, and work stuff.

There’s almost no way when you’re traveling all the time to stick to workout schedules. I mean, maybe some people do. One has to figure that professional athletes stick to their workouts and they travel a lot. But, shit, I dunno how they do it — probably because it’s a priority and all that.

I have a few other priorities this weekend, however. So, instead, I’m trying to get my big workout finished tomorrow morning, get a ton of work done, convince the nice airline people to change my flight for free, write my novel on the plane, and then easy runs the rest of the trip.

At least I’m not doing triathlon anymore. Running is easy compared with the logistics of biking and swimming and finding pools and gyms and pretending to be interested in joining an athletic club in order to get a few free days of membership. On second thought, I really ought to stop doing that.

What do you do on trips?

5 thoughts on “Training While You Travel

  1. You are coming to NC? Like near me? Even though I end up being so nervous to meet new people I want you to come here so we can run together and I can laugh at you making fun of everyone.

      1. No, but asheville downtown is really cool. We try and get over there a couple times a year. Good beer.

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