Things I Did This Morning to Delay Running

I had a workout this morning that I was not looking forward to. It was 2 x 15′ at half-marathon pace. In theory, if you can run almost an hour-and-a-half at a certain speed, you really ought to be able to do it for 15 minutes, twice, with a break in between. But, that is just not how that shit works for me.

I’ve also been feeling pretty awful since the whole flu/passing out thing. All of which means I was not crazy excited about this workout.

Here are some things I did to delay running:

  • Eat breakfast (I never eat breakfast before a run)
  • Figure that since I ate breakfast, I really ought to give it time to digest
  • Answer emails
  • Take the car to the shop
  • Read shit on the internets
  • Decide the cat looked like he wanted to go outside and should probably be taken for a walk [Side note: Our cat goes for walks. Floyd even has a leash and everything. So, I didn’t just make that up to avoid running. FYI.]
  • Decide my Garmin really needed to be charged more. I wouldn’t want it to die while I was running.
  • Since I was waiting for my Garmin to charge, I should probably check some things off my to-do list.
  • Check things off the to-do list
  • Make copies of announcements that really should be posted on the bulletin board
  • Print and mail a form that I said I’d do this past weekend
  • Send some more emails

Eventually, I went for my run. And, I nailed the workout. Only almost two hours after I originally intended to go.

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