Books You Should Read: Cycling and Doping

What with it being the holidays, people are constantly making small talk with me. And, one of their all-time favorite topics is: ‘Hey, so what do you think about Lance?’

Which, like, I have quite a few opinions about Lance and doping in sports and what it means to be a professional athlete, but it’s not really a conversation I feel like having with people who don’t actually want to have that conversation and just want say, “Oh my god, it’s terrible, I am SHOCKED” over and over.

If you are interested in the topic, though, and want something to read while you’re stuck at family get-togethers or in a cabin in the mountains, these are all good looks into the world of cycling and doping and professional sports:

  • The Secret Race – Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle
  • Lance Armstrong’s War – Daniel Coyle (great book)
  • Positively False – Floyd Landis (even if some of it’s lies, not all of it is)
  • The Doper Next Door – Andrew Tilin (Steve’s pick)

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